Why "Shakespeare 4 Kidz"?

Why are we called Shakespeare 4 Kidz?

When we were looking for a name that encapsulates all the things we do – theatre production , creative education , school production , and now movies - we wanted something that sounded catchy, innovative, was a bit irreverent and anarchic, showed that we were different, was not a name that sounded elitist or “posh”.

Something that summed up the brand values of our company and allowed us to create a market for our musical theatre Shakespeare adaptations that differentiated us from traditional study of each play.

“Shakespeare 4 Kidz” may not be the perfect monicker, but it’s memorable and does “exactly what it says on the tin”.

Some people get upset with “4” instead of “for” or “Kidz” with a “zed/zee” – does that really matter? Should we call ourselves “The Shakespeare Company for Children and Young People Who Want To Learn About Shakespeare and Be Entertained by His Stories in a Way That Everyone Can Enjoy or Understand”?

Over the years, we've found that only two words in the company name that are a barrier to people fully engaging with our work are “Shakespeare” and “Kidz” -  so all of us with the word "Shakespeare" in our names have that problem - perhaps we should stick with the Royal Shakespeare Company-type "RSC" acronym, and mainly call ourselves "S4K".

For now though it’s “Shakespeare 4 Kidz” or “S4K”.

What they say about us:

S4K ROMEO: "It is so refreshing to see professional performances on stage. The concerts sponsored by Bonita are also excellent, yet this was especially inspiring as it was accessible by the children too and perfectly pitched to entertain and educate everyone, young and old, who was there. Almost Disneyfied Shakespeare....Amazing!! My friends and I had as much fun listening to the children enjoying themselves as I did giggling along to the performance."