Why "Shakespeare 4 Kidz"?

Why are we called Shakespeare 4 Kidz?

When we were looking for a name that encapsulates all the things we do – theatre production , creative education , school production , and now movies - we wanted something that sounded catchy, innovative, was a bit irreverent and anarchic, showed that we were different, was not a name that sounded elitist or “posh”.

Something that summed up the brand values of our company and allowed us to create a market for our musical theatre Shakespeare adaptations that differentiated us from traditional study of each play.

“Shakespeare 4 Kidz” may not be the perfect monicker, but it’s memorable and does “exactly what it says on the tin”.

Some people get upset with “4” instead of “for” or “Kidz” with a “zed/zee” – does that really matter? Should we call ourselves “The Shakespeare Company for Children and Young People Who Want To Learn About Shakespeare and Be Entertained by His Stories in a Way That Everyone Can Enjoy or Understand”?

Over the years, we've found that only two words in the company name that are a barrier to people fully engaging with our work are “Shakespeare” and “Kidz” -  so all of us with the word "Shakespeare" in our names have that problem - perhaps we should stick with the Royal Shakespeare Company-type "RSC" acronym, and mainly call ourselves "S4K".

For now though it’s “Shakespeare 4 Kidz” or “S4K”.

What they say about us:

Thanks again for a fabulous night, and for transforming the preconceptions of two young boys"