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Show: Macbeth
Show Date: Wednesday 15 January 2014, 1:30 pm
Venue Name: Ashcroft Theatre
Venue Address: Fairfield Halls
Venue Contact Phone: 020 8688 9291
Venue Website:
Venue Contact Email: [email protected]
Map Link: Click here for map and directions.
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S4K DREAM: "It is late on Sunday Night and I am so excited to teach my class tomorrow as we spent Friday afternoon enjoying the Shakespeare 4 Kidz production of Midsummers Night's Dream. The children and staff all loved it as it really made the play (which we are studying in our literacy lessons) come to life. On the bus back the children had already asked to put on the play and had decided who could play which parts. They loved it all however Puck and Bottom were defintitely their favourites. I couldn't recommend it more highly the children will be talking about it for a long time! really loved it thank-you for making MSND come alive for my class you've made my job so much easier!"