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Show: Tempest
Show Date: Wednesday 16 January 2013, 10:30 am
Venue Name: Assembly Hall Theatre
Venue Address: Crescent Road
Tunbridge Wells
Venue Contact Phone: 01892 530613
Venue Website:
Venue Contact Email: [email protected]
Map Link: Click here for map and directions.
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S4K ROMEO: "It was WONDERFUL! I especially loved: the way that music and humour were used; the use of the famous "Romeo Romeo..." line on the drunken homeward journey to pre-empt Juliet's speech and the way that the use of modern language was interspersed with some of Shakespeare's actual words and the way you ended upbeat to take the edge off the tragic ending for them. FAB! ... And the biggest plus was that you didn't fall into the trap of being patronising."