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Quick Quiz – Questions

60 Questions to test your knowledge of the play

  1. Where in Italy is the story set?
  2. What is the name of Romeo's family?
  3. What is the name of Juliet's family?
  4. According to the Prince, how many civil brawls had disturbed the peace of Verona?
  5. What does the Prince say will happen to anybody who starts further trouble?
  6. Under what kind of tree did Benvolio see Romeo on his early morning walk?
  7. What time in the morning did Benvolio first meet up with Romeo?
  8. At the beginning of the story who does Romeo say he is in love with?
  9. Why can't Capulet's servant invite the guests on the party list?
  10. According to the Nurse, how old is Juliet?
  11. On what day was she born?
  12. What made the birdhouse fall over?
  13. What was the name of the Nurse's daughter?
  14. When was the Nurse's daughter born?
  15. Who does Lady Capulet say wants to marry Juliet?
  16. Who is going to gatecrash Capulet's party?
  17. According to Mercutio, what is the name of the Fairy Queen?
  18. How big is she?
  19. How does she ride across the sky?
  20. Why aren't the Montagues immediately recognised when they gatecrash the party?
  21. What upsets Tybalt at the party?
  22. After the party where does Benvolio think Romeo has run off to?
  23. Romeo sees Juliet appear on the balcony outside her room - what does she say?
  24. Who does Juliet think she will send as a messenger to Romeo?
  25. What time does she say she will send her?
  26. Where does Friar Lawrence think Romeo has been all night?
  27. Why does he agree to help Romeo?
  28. According to Mercutio, who is the "Prince of Cats"?
  29. Who does Mercutio say fights like he sings?
  30. What do Romeo's friends say the Nurse wants to ask him?
  31. What is the name of the Nurse's servant?
  32. How does Romeo plan to climb up to Juliet's room?
  33. What time is it when the Nurse returns to Juliet?
  34. How long has Juliet been waiting?
  35. Where does she tell Juliet to meet Romeo?
  36. Why does Tybalt want to start a fight with Romeo?
  37. Who does Mercutio call a "ratcatcher"?
  38. Who kills Mercutio?
  39. Who kills Tybalt?
  40. What punishment does Romeo receive?
  41. When the Nurse tells Juliet about the killing, who does Juliet think is dead?
  42. Why does Lord Capulet think they should delay the wedding of Juliet and Paris?
  43. From what tree does Juliet say the nightingale is singing?
  44. What is the name of the church where Juliet is to marry Paris?
  45. What is Friar Lawrence's "cunning" plan?
  46. How long will his Magic Potion make Juliet look that she is dead?
  47. Which town does Romeo go to when he is banished?
  48. What is the name of Romeo's servant?
  49. What does Romeo buy to take back to Verona with him?
  50. Who does he buy it from?
  51. How much does he pay?
  52. Why doesn't Friar John deliver Friar Lawrence's letter to Romeo?
  53. When he arrives at the tomb, under what tree does Paris tell his page to wait?
  54. Who kills Paris?
  55. How does Romeo die?
  56. When Friar Lawrence arrives how long does Balthazar say Romeo has been inside the tomb?
  57. Why can't Juliet use some of Romeo's poison?
  58. How does she kill herself?
  59. When Lord Montague arrives, who does he say died the previous night?
  60. Lord Capulet offers to end the feud as a wedding gift to Lord Montague, what gift does Lord Montague give?

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