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Who said it? – Questions

Can you work out who says these lines in A Midsummer Night's Dream?

  1. "I would my father looked but with my eyes."
  2. "Let me not play a woman - I have a beard coming"
  3. "I do wander everywhere swifter than the moon's sphere."
  4. "Ill me by moonlight, proud Titania!"
  5. "I'll put a girdle round the earth in forty minutes"
  6. "I know a bank where the wild thyme blows"
  7. "Through the forest have I gone, but Athenian found I none."
  8. "This green plot shall be our stage, this hawthorn brake our tiring-house."
  9. "You can never bring in a wall. What say you, Bottom?"
  10. "Bless thee, Bottom! Bless thee! Thou are translated!"
  11. "Though art as wise as thou art beautiful"
  12. "Oh spite! O hell! I see you are all bent to set against me for your merriment."
  13. "O me, you juggler, you canker-blossom, you thief of love!"
  14. "You perhaps may think because she is something lower than myself that I can match her..."
  15. "She was a vixen when she went to school"
  16. "I beg the law, the law upon his head."
  17. "No epilogue, I pray you: for your play needs no excuse."
  18. "Now until the break of day through each house each fairy stray."
  19. "If we shadows have offended, this but this, and all is mended."
  20. "Give me your hands if we be friends, and Robin shall restore amends."

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