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Quick Quiz – Questions

100 Questions to test your knowledge of the play

  1. Who wrote A Midsummer Night's Dream?
  2. Where is the play set?
  3. What country is this the capital of?
  4. By what name is Puck also known?
  5. Who is in charge of Athens?
  6. Who is he going to marry?
  7. Where is she from?
  8. In how many days will the marriage be?
  9. Who is Egeus the father of?
  10. Who is Hermia in love with?
  11. Why can't she marry Lysander?
  12. Does Hermia want to marry Demetrius?
  13. What will happen if she doesn't obey her father?
  14. What do Hermia and Lysander decide to do?
  15. Where will they go?
  16. Who does Hermia tell her secret to?
  17. Who is Helena in love with?
  18. Who does Helena decide to tell?
  19. What do they both decide to do?
  20. What does the Duke want to see after his wedding?
  21. What is the name of the play that Peter Quince has written?
  22. Who hands out all the parts?
  23. Which of the Mechanicals is due to play the girl?
  24. What does Flute do for a living?
  25. Who wants to play all the parts?
  26. What is Snug's profession?
  27. What does Robin Starveling make?
  28. Where and at what time will the Mechanicals rehearse their play?
  29. Who does Puck meet first of all in the woods?
  30. Who is the King of the fairies?
  31. Who is the Queen of the fairies?
  32. What are Oberon's first words? Ill .......... by .......... ……………proud ..........
  33. Why have Oberon and Titania been arguing?
  34. In which country was the little prince born?
  35. Why is Titania looking after the little prince?
  36. Name three of Titania's fairies.
  37. What colour is the flower Oberon wants?
  38. What is the name of the flower that Oberon wants?
  39. Who does he ask to get him the flower?
  40. Why is the flower magic?
  41. How long will it take Puck to put a girdle around the earth?
  42. What does Helena do to show how much she loves Demetrius?
  43. What does Demetrius do?
  44. Who falls asleep after being sung a lullaby?
  45. What does Oberon do to the sleeping Titania?
  46. Whose eyes does Oberon ask Puck to put magic juice in and why?
  47. Whose eyes does Puck put the Juice in?
  48. Why does Puck make this mistake?
  49. When Lysander wakes up whom does he fall in love with?
  50. Who has a bad dream?
  51. Why are the working men scared when they first meet up in the wood?
  52. Who is playing Pyramus?
  53. Who is playing the wall?
  54. Who is playing the lion?
  55. Who is playing the moon? 
  56. How do the men know that the moon will be out on the night they are to perform the play?
  57. What do the men keep calling "Ninus's tomb"?
  58. What does Puck do to Bottom?
  59. Why do the working men run away?
  60. What does Bottom do to show he's not scared?
  61. What happens when he sings?
  62. Who falls in love with Bottom?
  63. Why?
  64. How does Oberon find out that Puck has put the magic juice on the wrong man?
  65. What does Oberon do to put things right?
  66. What does Helena think Lysander and Demetrius are doing to her?
  67. Why does Hermia call Helena a "painted maypole"?
  68. Why does Helena keep referring to Hermia as "Lower"?
  69. Why are the four friends arguing?
  70. What do Demetrius and Lysander decide to do?
  71. What special trick does Puck do to get the Lovers to follow him?
  72. Whose eyes does Puck need to take the spell off?
  73. When Bottom is with Titania, what does he ask for to eat?
  74. Who changes Bottom back to "normal"?
  75. Whist Titania is sleeping, what does Oberon manage to do?
  76. When Oberon takes the spell off Titania, what does she believe has happened to her?
  77. Who finds the four sleeping friends?
  78. What time of day is it?
  79. What is so special about this particular day?
  80. Who is angry?
  81. Why is he angry?
  82. What does Theseus suggest should happen?
  83. How many weddings will there be that day?
  84. Bottom says that he will get Peter Quince to write about his dream. What is he going to call it?
  85. Why are the working men sad?
  86. What cheers them up?
  87. What play does Theseus decide to see at the Wedding Feast?
  88. Are the working men good actors?
  89. How does Robin Starveling represent the moon?
  90. What do Pyramus and Thisbe speak through?
  91. Pyramus asks Thisbe to meet him at .......... Tomb.
  92. What does Thisbe drop whilst being chased by the Lion?
  93. What does the Lion do with the headdress?
  94. What does Pyramus think has happened to Thisbe?
  95. What do Pyramus and Thisbe both do?
  96. What time is it when the guests go to bed?
  97. At the end of the play who arrives at the palace to bless the wedding?
  98. Do you know a Shakespeare play where the two heroes kill themselves?
  99. What do we see Puck doing at the end of the play?
  100. Fill in the missing words from Puck's line: "If we .......... have ………….......... think of this and all is mended."

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