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Elsewhere in the General Resources section you will soon be able to link to our interactive timelines and other contextual information regarding the Life and Times of William Shakespeare.

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Synopsis of Shakespeare 4 Kidz ROMEO AND JULIET
What Happens in Romeo & Juliet
Act 1 (UPDATED SHORTLY) PDF Penalty Shootout game
Act 2 (UPDATED SHORTLY) PDF Penalty Shootout game
Act 3 (UPDATED SHORTLY) PDF Penalty Shootout game
Act 4 (UPDATED SHORTLY) PDF Penalty Shootout game
Act 5 (UPDATED SHORTLY) PDF Penalty Shootout game
Romeo and Juliet Quick Question Quiz
60 questions to test your knowledge of the play
Romeo and Juliet QQQ Answers (Register to view)
Romeo and Juliet - Facts and Triva
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