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Put on your own production of S4K'S Hamlet with the unique PUT ON A PLAY pack from Shakespeare 4 Kidz

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Shakespeare's masterpiece from the masters of understandable Shakespeare

Prince Hamlet has returned home to attend his father’s funeral... and his mother’s sudden marriage to his Uncle Claudius, who has now become king! When Hamlet meets the ghost of his dead father, he sets out upon a mysterious story of murder, intrigue and revenge – all the time trying to prove once and for all that his uncle is the murderer.

What is the PUT ON A PLAY pack?

Everything you need to get you up and running, all in one easily affordable pack: master copies of the script and the score, along with a CD of the music, a Teacher's Guide, photocopying and performance licences and a flat-rate royalty are all included in the price.

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Try before you buy

Our TryZone is designed to give you a flavour of our currently available shows. This is where you can see and listen to excerpts from our PUT ON A PLAY packs before you decide to buy the full version to perform as your next school production. In the TryZone you can:

  • READ excerpts of the script
  • HEAR extracts of the show
  • SEE excerpts of the piano and vocal score

Try Macbeth for yourself at the TryZone: S4K's Hamlet page. NB - you must be registered and logged-in to view the TryZone pages.



S4K's Hamlet - full-length - PUT ON A PLAY pack

The S4K's Hamlet - full-length - PUT ON A PLAY pack costs just £300.

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S4K's Hamlet - 1hr - PUT ON A PLAY pack

The S4K's Hamlet -1hr -PUT ON A PLAY pack costs just £200.

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Look at what's included:

Expense S4K Shows Other shows
Script Hire Included 20 @ £10=£200
Score Hire Included £50
Royalty Included £250+???
Backing Music CD Included N/A
Teacher's Guide Included N/A
Photocopying Licence Included N/A
TOTAL £200 or £300 £500+???

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