S4K on Sky News after snowbound night in car park

The Shakespeare 4 Kidz Theatre Company were in the headlines on Tuesday morning - but sadly NOT for our theatre performances!

emma bennett on sky news.jpg
S4K Theatre Company Manager Emma Bennett being interviewed live on Sky News from the S4K tour bus

We had got caught up in the snowy conditions on the M23 and A23 travelling to the next day's venue in Worthing, and made the decision to bed down on the coach in therelative safety of the Pease Pottage Sservice station car park.

The next morning the Sky News team were on handto report the chaotic travel conditions and came on board the S4K tour bus where our intrepid troupe had spent the night.

Emma Bennett, the Company Manager, explainedin a live interview on the 9am news programmes, how we'd got caught up in the snowy weather and decided to abandon the journey to Worthing and bed down on the coach in the car park.

As Emma told Sky viewers: 'We were on our way from Gravesend to Worthing when we got caught in the traffic jam on the A23. We always try to make it to a venue but unfortunately we got totally stuck and had to sleep in Pease Pottage Services all night on our tour bus.'

'A couple of members of our cast went to get some food in a local pub and told me a nice story of a local family living nearby taking in a young family for the night.'

'We were totally boxed into the services, wheels were spinning, it was blowing a blizzard and icy cold; it was quite clear we would have to spend the night on the bus.'

'I think we are generally unprepared in this country for this kind of weather, and as we are now in the middle of March, it was a bit of a surprise. You'd expect to be packing your winter woollies away by now!'

pease pottage in the snow.jpg
The snowy scene from the S4K coach

She added: 'In the difficult and challenging circumstances the company were a great team and the camaraderie on the bus was great. Our coach driver Ian was brilliant and handled the whole thing really well. People were sleeping under seats, across seats, on the aisle of the coach, and the odd snowball may have been thrown. We all agreed we were very lucky to have such a luxurious'corporate-style' coach as there were so many people stranded in freezing cars on the motor way with no toilet, food or blankets. Everyone in the company helped keep morale up whilst in the midst of our very own 'Storm' - our very own 'Winter's Tale'!"

Unfortunately, the snow resulted in Worthing schools closing for the day and the shows at the Pavilion Theatre had to be cancelled.

What they say about us:

"I had thought that this year's Year 6 pupils would miss out on your show, with the refurbishment of the usual venue, the Derngate theatre, and we did our Shakespeare unit last term, with a visiting workshop company. So I was delighted at the end of last term to get a publicity flyer, and immediately made a booking. For a number of children it was their first experience of live theatre outside the school environment, and although I'm sure you hear this all the time, your company is a great introduction."