Four Star reviews for S4K's Tempest

Reviewers are giving S4K’s The Tempest a four star thumbs up.

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What’s On Stage (****) saw our opening show at the Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon and called it “A masterful and fun version of one of Shakespeare’s finest plays” and “a terrific production that will either have its audience rushing to the library to read the original text or booking tickets for more shows. Hopefully both.”

There was mention of our show programme smartphone app (click here for more info) and our “exceptionally talented cast”: with mentions for Ben Goodridge’s “authoritative Prospero”, Noel Andrew Harron’s “writhing, resentful Gollum-esque” Caliban and Claire Coultry’s “standout performance as a delightfully impish Ariel. Gary Roe’s Trinculo was described as "a comic joy”. “This production is so much better than "good". Buy a ticket when it comes your way, if your local schools haven't already snapped them all up.”

The Public Reviews (****) saw the show at the Lowry in Salford saying “S4K’s panto-Disney-musical version of The Tempest brought the house down” and “its irreverence, playfulness and humour is 100% true to the Shakespearean spirit.”

“Not only were these children stunned into respectful theatre-going behaviour they were inspired to respond, engage and delight in S4K’s super high-energy re-working of Shakespeare’s classic tale of betrayal, magic, love and forgiveness.”

“S4K’s production of The Tempest is doing its job beautifully; engaging young audiences in Shakespearean drama is no mean feat and having seen the way the school groups responded to this light-hearted, funny and warm-natured musical … I am not remotely surprised that this company are in demand internationally as they embark on their Middle Eastern tour.”

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What they say about us:

S4K HAMLET: "Hamlet is a rather difficult play for children to understand, however the class came away enthused to do some follow up work. I've had VERY positive feedback from parents..... THANK YOU!"