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Put on your own production of S4K'S Twelfth Night with the unique PUT ON A PLAY pack from Shakespeare 4 Kidz

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Once upon a Twelfth Night, a dramatic shipwreck off the coast of Illyria separates two identical twins.

With sister and brother neither knowing the other is still alive, their struggle to survive in a topsy-turvy land brings confusion to everyone they meet.

What is the PUT ON A PLAY pack?

Everything you need to get you up and running, all in one easily affordable pack: master copies of the script and the score, along with a CD of the music, a Teacher's Guide, photocopying and performance licences and a flat-rate royalty are all included in the price.

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Try before you buy

Our TryZone is designed to give you a flavour of our currently available shows. This is where you can see and listen to excerpts from our PUT ON A PLAY packs before you decide to buy the full version to perform as your next school production. In the TryZone you can:

  • READ excerpts of the script
  • HEAR extracts of the show
  • SEE excerpts of the piano and vocal score

Try Macbeth for yourself at the TryZone: S4K's Twelfth Night page. NB - you must be registered and logged-in to view the TryZone pages.



The S4K's Twelfth Night PUT ON A PLAY pack costs just £300.

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Look at what's included:

Expense S4K Shows Other shows
Script Hire Included 20 @ £10=£200
Score Hire Included £50
Royalty Included £250+???
Backing Music CD Included N/A
Teacher's Guide Included N/A
Photocopying Licence Included N/A
TOTAL £300 £500+???

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