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Shakespeare for all ages and stages

The Department for Children, School and Families has published a booklet "Shakespeare for all ages and stages" outlining the National Strategies, Teaching Frameworks and Learning Objectives across all four Key Stages and broken down into individual teaching approaches from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage 4.

Schools minister Jim Knight said the Bard's work should be enjoyed as much as possible from a young age. He wants "more children and young people to enjoy and be inspired by their encounters with Shakespeare"

"Ringing Endorsement"

S4K sees this guidance booklet as a ringing endorsement by the government of our pioneering creative educational approach to introducing Shakespeare to children of all ages: an approach that only recently has been adopted in the RSC's "Manifesto for Shakespeare" campaign.

Full details of the suggested framework of opportunities and experiences will appear throught the S4K website - including specific links to our forthcoming theatre productions of S4K's ROMEO AND JULIET - THE MUSICAL and S4K's THE TEMPEST - MUSICAL; along with relevant links to our Creative Education Programme.

Julian Chenery, S4K's Founder and Creative Director says "We are absolutely delighted the government believe that 'Shakespeare matters', and that it fully endorses the introduction to and teaching of Shakespeare "across the phases" from Foundation Stage to Year 11. This is without doubt a ringing endorsement of our own work of the past twelve years: not just of our acclaimed theatre company which has presented our easily-accessible musical adaptations to millions of young people both here and abroad, but also the work of our Education Department which has taken our Creative Education workshops to schools across the land."

"There is no doubt that S4K's ROMEO AND JULIET - THE MUSICAL remains the perfect show - even for "children as young as five" - for children and schools of all ages and abilty levels ... and the ideal introduction to Shakespeare."

Shakespeare for all ages and stages aims to enhance the educational experience of Shakespeare for young people by providing a map of opportunities for lifelong learning and pleasure in his work. It supports progression by ensuring that each year and Key Stage builds on what has gone before and helps to prepare for what follows.

The booklet includes a framework of opportunities, suggesting significant experiences in Shakespeare from Key Stage to Key Stage, as well as yearly learning objectives linked closely to the National Strategies' Frameworks.

It contains suggested teaching approaches designed to help teachers deliver learning objectives in lively and engaging but manageable ways. They exemplify active, imaginative and participatory approaches related, where possible, to whole Shakespeare plays.

It offers teachers - from the Early Years Foundation Stage through to post-16 - ideas for working with Shakespeare's stagecraft and language as well as ways in to the historical and theatrical contexts in which he worked.

From the booklet:

This booklet represents an exciting collaboration between the DCSF and its key partners in the National Strategies and QCA as well as teachers and arts educators in the world of theatre and the media.

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The following ‘framework of opportunities’ offers teachers from across the phases ideas for working with Shakespeare. It suggests significant experiences in Shakespeare from key stage to key stage as well as yearly learning objectives linked to the National Strategies’ Frameworks, but tailored specifically to Shakespeare.

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Detailed information about teaching approaches through different stages of schooling

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Bringing a theatre practitioner into your classroom will give pupils the opportunity to experience the play from the perspective of an actor and a director. By working interactively with the text as a script, pupils will develop an understanding of Shakespeare's characters, themes, plot and the process undertaken by an actor prior to performance.

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Taking young people to see a Shakespeare play requires a particular kind of preparation if they are to get the most out of the experience of seeing live theatre. We want young people to understand that the director, the actors and designers have come together to make a series of interpretative choices about the text and then created a unique production of that play within a specific theatrical environment.

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Shakespeare was just one writer amongst many on London's thriving sixteenth and seventeenth century stage - but he's certainly one that has lasted! His work is at the centre of Britain's twenty-first century theatre industry, inconstantly adapted for film, has been translated into hundreds of languages and is performed throughout the world today.

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