Day Dream: a one day school experience

Shakespeare 4 Kidz can offer an exciting new play in a day experience for your school.

Based on our hit musical version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (touring the UK again this autumn and spring), it is called Day Dream.

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- Up to 80 children can be involved

- Ideal for junior and primary schools to enhance their theatre visit.

A one-day workshop/performance.
Two workshop leaders will visit your school and, supported by pre-written script and with some props and costumes, use workshop style lessons in morning and afternoon sessions to format a performance which will then be presented to other pupils and parents at the end of the school day. With assistance from your own teaching staff (eg music) during the course of the day.

Brief but crucial scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream, "culled" from our Put on a Play Pack, along with a song from the show S4K's A Midsummer Night's Dream and linked by a newly-written narration to produce a 30-40 minute playlet.

The whole school can become involved in the Day Dream. Art classes can be used to create/source props and costumes; music lessons can be used to help learn and rehearse the song, English/Drama lessons can talk through the characters in the play (lovers, workmen and fabulous fairies) - even Geography and History lessons can be used to find the locations of the story and to learn about the mythological characters (Theseus and Hippolyta).

Please contact for ideas on costumes and props which can be made.

Your school will receive a special Certificate of Participation.

Day Dream - School Day Plan
9.30am - 10.30am - Group 1 (40 children) rehearse (Act 1)
10.45am - 11.45am - Group 2 (40 children) rehearse (Act 2) 

1.15pm - 2.00pm - Group 1 rehearse (Act 1)
2.00pm - 2.45pm - Group 2 rehearse (Act 2)

2.45pm - 3.15pm - Both groups to learn song (80 children)

3.30pm - Performance for school and parents

All timings are approximate and depend on the timetabling of the school day. One teacher is needed to be with the workshop leaders throughout the day to oversee the performance. Class teachers may come and go as they would in a normal workshop situation.

Costumes will not be provided by S4K. All children are to wear black; any capes/sashes from the S4K workshop kits can be used in the 3.30 performance but it is up to individual schools to provide costumes for any additional evening show that may be planned.

The cost  of the Day Dream One Day School Experience is £750. This will include a CD of the song to be performed. Please call Rose Blackley in the Oxted Production Office to find out more.


* Your pupils will learn the story of a great play and be able to dress up and play the famous parts. They will also learn one of the songs from S4K’s full length stage musical.

* S4K provides some props and costumes but there is lots of opportunity for the children to get creatively involved across the curriculum before Day Dream Day by thinking of ways to add to the scenic background, provide props and other items of costume etc.

* S4K leaders will be able to tailor the rehearsal period to suit the capabilities of all the participating children.

* Family and friends can enjoy the show at the end of the school day. You could cover some of your costs by charging for tickets and cast sheets, holding a raffle or selling drinks and sweets.

* It is a marvellous opportunity to get publicity for your school by inviting the local papers to take photographs.  Afterwards your pupils can write about their day and we at S4K would be delighted to hear what they thought about it. We will put their best letters or drawings on our website.

Feedback on Day Dream has been fantastic.

Barleyfields School in Stockton were one of the first to experience their own magical Day Dream.

Teachers there reported that the workshop tutors were: “Superb! Excellent enthusiasm and professionalism which was very much filtered down to the children and evident in their final performance.”

They thought the content and materials used were excellent and added that it was “a really amazing day which the children got so much from. Special thanks to the tutors who the children were very inspired by.”


What they say about us:

S4K MACBETH: "This is as thrilling a production of Macbeth as I’ve seen and a lively audience of ten-year olds at Mansfield Palace simply loved it."