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Shakespeare Education from Infants to Inset

Our Creative Shakespeare Education programme provides a unique empathy-based system of interactive workshops with direct links to the aims and objectives of the UK National Curriculum. It pays close attention to the theory of multiple intelligences and kinaesthetic arts, and has been endorsed by top educationalists and by The British Council as an example of excellence in British education.

Our Aims

  • To create a stimulating and accessible session in which we support the work done in the classroom while offering a unique approach to understanding the text through pupils' practical interaction with skilled professional actors
  • To create a safe environment in which every pupil will feel that their contribution is valued
  • To demystify Shakespeare; making his work accessible whilst staying true to his style and content
  • To lay the foundation study for further enthusiastic study of the work of William Shakespeare.

How to book

Please call 01883 723444 to book a Shakespeare 4 Kidz Education Workshop

Online payments

We can now accept credit/debit card and PayPal payments online. If you have booked a workshop and would like to pay online, please vist our online payments page.

A unique empathetic system that aids learning through understanding and performing

We offer services from 'infants-to-INSET' and all can be tailored to suit your own specific requirements. These include:

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