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William Shakespeare's classic story of how a noble Scottish warrior becomes king after hearing the prophecies of three witches - how he murders his way to the crown, and fights to the death to try to keep it - becomes a musical thriller that is guaranteed to keep kidz of all ages on the edge of their seats.

Full of gory murders, weird witches, gruesome ghosts, bloody battles and even a forest that moves, the show includes song and dance, telling the story with many of Shakespeare's original words woven into easy-to-understand modern langauge.

Now Shakespeare 4 Kidz MACBETH comes to the small screen, the latest in the Shakespeare 4 Kidz LIVE! series.

Shakespeare 4 Kidz - the UK's Number 1 Shakespeare Company for Children and Young People - present their acclaimed musical adaptation of "the Scottish play", recorded live onstage at The Capitol, Horsham.

A unique blend of the original text with modern dialogue and lively music - S4K's MUSIC THEATRE SHAKESPEARE interpretations of the classic plays have established the company as favourites with audiences near and far. Julian Chenery and Matt Gimblett's cleverly crafted musical adaptations create Shakespeare that is genuinely for everyone.

"One of the most exciting versions of the Scottish play (either for adults or for children) that this ex-theatre editor has ever seen." London Evening Standard

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